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Note: Please read through this review if you're someone looking to get back in shape and not sure where to begin because your body has been in rest for a very long time.


Having nearly destroyed my lower back just from a desk job for years, I reached out to Ethan at Strong Anatomy and I wish I had done it sooner. In addition to being a fitness trainer, Ethan is a doctor of osteopathy so it's safe to say he can help you get back in shape while also educating you on how to get the best out of your body movements.


Moreover, Ethan keeps these programs interesting with various exercises that conveniently work around any injuries you may have or if something is just plain boring.


Hope this read helps you decide.



"I've seen Ethen about four or five times and have been incredibly satisfied with his services. I have some prior understanding and experience of personal training and therapy and what I love about Ethen is that he works with that experience and constantly checks my thoughts on the training we are doing".


"In a session he will lay out some exercises and explain what he's aiming to do, for me he will assess how my shoulders are moving and explain to me what he is seeing and how it relates to the training we are doing. At the end of the session Ethen will always have some advice around how to approach the training in my own time. One of the best pieces of advice was to not get carried away and over train, which shows he's thinking 3 steps ahead throughout the training".

"Though I could Imagine for some people not having a set circuit on day one could be a little frustrating Ethen takes the time over a couple sessions to get a sense of his clients abilities, their complaint and their motivation and begins making the circuit that is tailored to them, all the while showing genuine care and interest that makes you more motivated to work after the session is over".

"Training with Ethen has been exactly the thing I've been needing and I couldn't recommend training with him more, you couldn't find a more attentive and knowledgeable trainer".



"I been suffering from lower back pain from the last 10 years due to long hours sitting at work . I tried Physiotherapy , standing desk and massage and nothing really helped me until I started training with Ethen.


He made me work muscles and do exercises I had never done before which was a challenge. Within weeks I saw a big difference.


Now after 6 months training with him I'm complete pain free and feel that my back and knees are much stronger than before and I can lift strong weights. Ethen retrained my movements and pushed me to developed strength . Muchas gracias señor!"



"What an amazing Osteo - I have been training for 10 years and I have suffered from back pain. I have been through countless amounts of osteopaths and could not find someone who could truly get to the bottom of my back pain.


This guy is the real deal; not only have you eliminated the pain but you have got me moving better than ever! Thank you for everything, this review does not even sum it up!"



I met Ethen through my first year studies, and loved the way he went about teaching his classes, making classes exciting and enjoyable even through online learning.


Decided to get in contact after my first year and we went through some key strategies based around centring myself, improving my mobility, and manipulating my technique of various lifts to rehab my lower back.

Extremely knowledgeable, caring and engaging in both an osteopathy setting and training setting.


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