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Treatment in the comfort of your home.


Although we are certified in Osteopathic medicine, we employ a range of techniques across massage, articulations, palpations, direct / indirect tissue treatments to return clients to a state of comfort and ease in their bodies. 


Osteopathy itself is a form of manual therapy which focuses on

a person as more than just a series of parts; we see the whole picture.

We combine hands-on treatment with the aim to provide not

just short-term relief but long-term solution; below are

the principles our osteopathic approach is based upon.


The body functions as

one unit (not separate components).


The body has the

potential to heal itself (with the right guidance).


The structure and

functions of the body

are connected.

- Headaches

- Stomach pains / constipation

- Neck pain

- Upper back pain

- Shoulder pain / injuries

- Hip / gluteal discomfort

- Lower back pain

- Thigh / leg injuries

- Knee / ankle injuries

- Foot / plantar fascia injury

*Generally, any musculoskeletal injuries or ailments we consult with and provide treatment, management and rehabilitation for (or appropriate referral). 

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Delivering healthcare to you at your preference, we service the Inner and Southern-metro area of Brisbane.

We'll bring to you;

- treatment table

- treatment equipment

- towels


On request, we provide a specialised service; 




These reports provide our clients with clear

explanations on;

- the nature of their injury / condition.

- the prescribed management strategy.

- a custom program to rehabilitating the diagnosed injury / condition.


To enquire about this service and investigation - assessment of your injury / condition, please email to;

(click over email address)

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